Chevron from 1 MW solar field operations, the POSITIONS of Northern New Mexico

Chevron mining Inc. (CMI), a subsidiary of Chevron Corp.  and a sister, Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV), a division of Chevron export restrictions, the company announced the Start of one of the largest in the country by concentrating photovoltaic solar facilities. The installation of the CMI’s molybdenum mine in Questa, New Mexico, located in the tailing site indicates, and to assess the emerging solar technology and the impact of the country where previously there, practical use.

“Chevron is one of the POSITIONS of the United States to demonstrate the of this scale, the first of the companies. We are lucky that we are part of the solar resource, which is likely to contribute as far as possible in this type of technology, the world’s property, “said Des King, President of the CTV.

Chevron concentrating photovoltaic technology installed, which uses lenses to collect and concentrate on direct sunlight to the top of the layers of the powerful cells. This technology is expected to work best in areas such as Northern New Mexico, which is higher than the direct solar radiation.

Questa solar field covers approximately 20 acres and includes 173 solar trackers, each approximately the size of the legs of the 18 to 21 feet. The project was an excellent safety record is not a safety-related incidents or injuries.

“We did a joint action by the use of local resources and talents, whenever possible, and I am convinced that such participation was of crucial importance for the safe and timely manner to get built, the port facility,” said Mark Premo, Chairman of the CMI.

The field contains the Soitec: photovoltaic system and the hub is the ability to produce enough electricity for about megawatt, the competence of the approximately 300 homes in New Mexico. Kit Carson Electric Cooperative power electricity produced is sold to the purchase agreement.

“We are pleased to have the emerging solar technology Questa potential starting place,” said Mayor Esther Garcia, “this project goes to New Mexico in demonstrating we are unique in this part of the solar resource, a long way to go.”

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