Siemens HCPV Module Partner Semprius Accomplishes World Record for Solar Module Efficiency

ERLANGEN, Germany, Jan. 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –The photo voltaic company Semprius, by which Siemens has invested like a proper partner in June 2011, accomplished a global record for solar module efficiency of 33.9 %. This result was externally licensed after measurement under standard test conditions in the Instituto p Energia Photo voltaic (IES) in the College of Madrid (Universidad Politecnica p Madrid).

Semprius, based in Durham, New York, evolves high focusing solar (HCPV) modules. The most recent prototypes accomplished a significant milestone with 33.9 % photo voltaic module efficiency. Inside a joint collaboration using the The spanish language Institute of Concentration Solar Systems (ISFOC) and also the College of Madrid, this testing was carried out through the IES institute from the college. The very first time a solar module converted several-third from the energy from the photo voltaic irradiation around the module area into functional electricity. With respect to the specific location and irradiation, the HCPV modules can deliver a power output per square meter that’s two occasions greater than common polycrystalline modules. Leading module producers of conventional PV technologies acquire a maximum module efficiency of roughly 20 % with monocrystalline PV modules contributing to 16 percent with polycrystalline technology.

In June 2011, Siemens acquired a 16-percent stake in Semprius to scale in the innovative HCPV technology to promote maturity. The Semprius HCPV systems bundle the daylight around the modules using integrated contacts on small pv cells. HCPV is really a prime option to conventional photovoltaics especially appropriate for sunbelt regions rich in direct irradiation.

“Semprius like a leader in HCPV modules shows us that people have wager around the right technology,” stated Martin Pfund, Boss from the Siemens Energy Solar Business Unit. “The planet record is really a breakthrough in module efficiency. Coupled with our knowledge of turnkey solutions business it’s the possibility being a game title changer for that photo voltaic marketplaces in regions rich in irradiation. With Semprius like a partner we’ll further broaden our portfolio within the photovoltaics market. We are happy to become working with Semprius to commercialize fraxel treatments globally.”

While Semprius will further develop its modules, Siemens is focusing its research and development activities on optimizing system components like the trackers, area design and inverters. Along with Semprius Siemens will give you the perfect integrated solution and it is ramping up global deployment of first test systems with Semprius technology this season. The very first full test installation continues to be operational in Arizona since August 2010. In addition, Semprius finishing the making of an airplane pilot plant in Henderson, New York, to validate we’ve got the technology for bigger installations. Increase from the first pilot line manufacture of HCPV modules there’ll begin throughout the other half of 2012.

“This is actually the culmination in our focus on getting wise design to photo voltaic,” stated Joe Carr, Semprius Leader and Boss. “The world record efficiency modules coupled with our inexpensive manufacturing processes and Siemens’ PV system expertise will deliver a best-in-class global solution for utility-scale photo voltaic plants.”

Components for solar installations are members of Siemens’ Environment Portfolio. In fiscal 2011, revenue in the Portfolio totaled about EUR30 billion, making Siemens among the world’s biggest providers of eco-friendly technologies. Within the same period, our items and solutions enabled clients to lower their co2 (CO2) pollutants by nearly 320 million tons, a sum comparable to the entire annual CO2 pollutants of Berlin, Delhi, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, New You are able to, Singapore and Tokyo, japan.

The Siemens Energy Sector may be the world’s leading supplier of the complete spectrum of items, services and solutions for energy generation in thermal energy plants and taking advantage of renewables, energy transmission in grids but for the extraction, processing and transport of gas and oil. In fiscal 2011 (ended September 30), the power Sector had revenues of EUR27.6 billion and received new orders amassing roughly EUR34.8 billion and published an income in excess of EUR4.1 billion. On September 30, 2011, the power Sector were built with a work pressure in excess of 97,000. Effective October 1, 2011, the Energy Distribution Division having a work pressure in excess of 15,000 was reassigned towards the new Infrastructure &amplifier Metropolitan areas Sector.

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About Semprius

Semprius, Corporation. may be the wise method to generate photo voltaic electricity. Based on the earth’s littlest solar panels, Semprius designs and manufactures the greatest efficiency photo voltaic modules on the planet. Using patented cell technology along with a condition-of-the-art manufacturing process, Semprius is at the forefront to cost-competitive, sustainable generation of photo voltaic electricity. Semprius’ headquarters and production facilities are situated in New York. To learn more, check out world wide

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