PV Development Service notifies the Flash test

PV Development Labs (PVEL), North America, the premier independent solar panel the trial environment, they’re looking for — from quick-turn-around in the third-party flash test launch announced today.
More than 500 manufacturers worldwide with a solar panel, click the control panel vendor has all of the project, the developer of a daunting task. To reduce the risk of now developer PVEL by third-party assessment without adding to the delays in the development of tight project schedules. Validating the actual output of the solar panel to ensure developers are installing only the products that meet the expectations of their performance. Lot acceptance testing has become a common practice in the context of the introduction of the system to avoid them.

Berkeley, CA, is equipped with State-of-the-art art PVEL test systems designed to assess the performance of a PV module. Class AAA: PVEL flash Tester is kept carefully and the traceability of the calibration of the ISO 17025, crystalline silica, CdTe PV technology and change.

“We are the developers of the project activities, to facilitate the important information in a reproducible and efficient manner,” said Jenya Meydbray, PVEL: n to the Director.

PVEL also offers support for warranty claims, the bankability assessment, and reliability, and performance testing project developers, financial institutions and the needs of the manufacturers of the module.

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ReneSola results in the first quarter of 2011 to 28. April 2011

ReneSola Ltd , the leading global solar wafers to solar modules manufacturer and provider, today announced that it will report financial results ended March 31, the first of the Unaudited vuosineljänneksen2011 prior to the opening of the US market on Thursday, 28 April, 2011.

ReneSola’s management will hold merit, Thursday, 28 April 2011 at the latest 8 conference call I am US Eastern Time (8 pm Beijing-time Hong Kong s.a.r.).

Dial-up connection to the data on earnings conference call are as follows:

+ 1-617-597-5324
Hong Kong S.A.R:
+ 852-3002-1672

Paying for 10 minutes before the call is to begin and to provide the call identifier of the package. The code is “renesola Call”.

A replay of the Conference call telephone number can be used, 5. until May 2011:

+ 1-617-801-6888
PIN code:

In addition, the live and archived webcasts from the Conference call will be available on the website at: ReneSola n-http://www.renesola.com Investor Relations section.

About ReneSola

ReneSola is a leading global solar wafers and solar products manufacturer, is based on the Chinese producer. Economies of proprietary technologies, cheap production opportunities and technological innovation and knowledge, an abbreviation of its company ReneSola suppeata Virgin olive oils of polysilicon and solar cell and module production potential to offer high-quality, cost-competitive solar-wafer processing of the products and services. The company holds a global network of suppliers and customers, which includes some of the leading global manufacturers of solar cells and modules. ReneSola’s ADS are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (the COMPANY: SOL).

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Here Comes the Sun: Solar power installation in the network, the Anne Arundel County complex combined Support Services

Constellation Energy today announced the completion of the sale of its energy to the 750-kilowatt photovoltaic solar panels installed on the spot, the Anne Arundel County combined Support Services a complex installation of Millersville, MD is the first solar project in overcoming the Maryland energy administration initiative, a project of Brown who exploit the resources of the American recovery and Reinvestment Act to promote the rule of law, public buildings, installation of photovoltaic electricity systems in Maryland. Contain a reference to the ribbon cutting ceremony at the ceremony will be held April 26 at the County for the combined Support Services complex 8313 Grover Road, 10 a.m. to noon.
The combined Support Services complex houses the Anne Arundel County facilities and maintenance, fire protection, and the school’s storage units. The facility on the Sun system used on the roof of about 3,060 crystalline solar photovoltaic panels and an estimated saving on kilowatt-hours of electricity. A new solar energy plant is expected to offset 90% of the annual electricity consumption of the building, estimated at $ 80,000 a year, convened by the Chairman of the Board is stored in the utility costs.

“This project is our dependence on fossil fuels and also save taxpayer dollars building,” Anne Arundel County Executive John r. Leopold said. “Fiscal discipline and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive objectives.”

Anne Arundel County received $ 750,000 Maryland project management in the energy sector to pursue its program of Brown in the solar system, which is one of the largest installations can be financed under the programme. The costs of the project is financed by the guarantee section of the system energy balance, and owns and operates the system. Anne Arundel County is the purchasing of 20 years, the estimated cost is less than the market interest rate system in the Constellation energy sources of electricity.

“Constellation Energy is proud to be at the forefront of solar energy generation of Maryland,” said Ron Melchior, Director of renewable energy sources in the Constellation Energy for retail sale. “Anne Arundel County solar energy plant is an excellent example of how cooperation between the State and local companies can support the use of renewable energy in electricity prices affordable, and secure.”

“Invest in renewable energy sources is a triple win Maryland green collar jobs by creating new, now at the same time, reduce the electric bill, and to protect the environment in the long term,” says Malcolm Woolf, Director of the Mea. “At the beginning of the start of the project, Brown last year after it is created in the estimated 90 jobs, located in Maryland County Governments to lower costs through energy consumption of the invoices, and added much needed clean, renewable energy sources in the production capacity.”

Statewide, the project has been the development of the Brown 9 3 megawatts of generating capacity, tripling to nearly the inception of the project in the grid, and the number is estimated to produce in the Sun for more than 12,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy annually.

Currently, the system of energy owns and operates the solar thermal systems, which has been carried out, or is under construction in the United States, size 60 MB customers in Watts. Structuring the power purchase agreements, projects, solar thermal systems in the Constellation Energy does not require its customers and our policies will provide the capital to fixed costs, which are less than the planned market interest rates.

Commercial customers, universities, educational systems, hospitals and Government agencies on the spot 1 megawatt solar thermal systems are interested in or greater may contact the Constellation Energy sustainable-solutions@constellation.com or 1-877-427-2005. You can view information about the Constellation Energy in a short video of the solar systems: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyaXDmgM55M.

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SolarWorld photovoltaic panels Power Net-zero Home country Pilot Hawaiian Homes Community Project

The SolarWorld n high performance solar panels are an advance on the home of sustainable power sources, in the heart of Hawaii: they produce electric power on 19 homes and community atop the center for low income residents in the development of the pilot phase of the trailblazing nationally, with the State Department of Hawaiian Home kesannoituina Kaupuni in the village are the indigenous people of the western edge of Oahu’s backgrounds. Hawaii State hopes to spread the concept of the project to keep the nation’s first LEED Platinum omakoti subdivision, in the development of 1 000 households statewide.

SolarWorld photovoltaic technology manufacturer, the largest and most experienced in the United States has given its solar technology on the market for 30 years, the Hawaii State Federal demonstration project for grid connected residential systems, starting in 1980. The project, a total of 10 kilowatts was installed atop homes in three panels: cities (Honolulu), suburban (Pearl City, Oahu) and rural (Molokai). After this, SolarWorld, Sun panels have demonstrated the extraordinary reliability of Pacific island State of tropical climes. In addition, the company offers industry-leading 25 year performance guarantee, the linear.

Today, the Kaupuni project, Subscribe to the event, which took part in Hawaii, three .gov Neil Abercrombie, and four bedroom homes are designed to provide housing without power costs. SolarWorld panels to generate electricity; Other Sun gear of the water. The development includes a number of other eco-elements, including agricultural settings. Eligible homeowners to buy homes $ 320,000, $ 260,000 will vary depending on the market rate, because they pay for the costs of leasing, as the case may be, virtually the use of indigenous descent Hawaiians. Eligible homeowners can earn up to 80% in the income of the household from Honolulu to n.

“The Department of Hawaiian home kesannoituina is excited that the homesteaders, which are transported into Kaupuni in the village of benefits is designed to be a Native Hawaiian culture, the environment and sustainable development at the heart of the neighborhood,” the Hawaiian Homes Commission Alapaki Nahale (a), the President said. “By providing high-quality solar panels for this project and the valuable expertise of partners, such as SolarWorld have done this on the net-zero community really environmental success story.”

A typical home with 26 watts 245 Sunmodules, SolarWorld total system size 6.37 kW. Honolulu-based Bonterra Solar PV installations in the commitment of the entire project, with the delivery of the Inter-Island Solar, SolarWorld distributor since the beginning.

“We are grateful, SolarWorld, State Department of Hawaiian home kesannoituina to demonstrate to the rest of the country, which has a good sense to harness the Sun’s high energy to serve as housing for low income residents and the environment-friendly energy source, go to the combined objectives of sustainable development,” said Kevin Kilkelly, SolarWorld America. “It is only fitting that the State known for its wealth and natural beauty of the Sun to demonstrate the ingenuity of its solar energy in the other 49 States.”

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Sungevity Staffs, the names of the leadership team for an interactive software-expert Paul Stroube as CIO up

Sungevity, the nation’s fastest growing residential solar company, today announced its Chief Paul Stroube, information officer (CIO). Stroube, Sungevity reports directly to the Executive Director, Andrew Birch, and is charged with the further development of the company’s computer systems, the power of its unique and easy to work with the online “iQuote”.

Stroube, was recently in a large network within the community, the general manager of Xfire, and is for as many Sungevity months the third key to the leadership of the rental. In February the company announced that Mack Irvin, formerly SunPower Corp., such as the economic leader, and in March, a social media guru, Patrick Crane, LinkedIn, joined the company as Chief Marketing Officer. In the past 12 months has almost tripled the size of Sungevity, and now more than 150 professionals to support the company’s rapid growth.

Birch, “Mack and Patrick, such as Paul brings a wealth of information on the rapidly growing our company,” said. “Highly scalable systems, and experience an interactive network tools enable us to Paul, a new advance in our industry-leading customer experience and expand our solar social network.”

Stroube has more than two decades of experience in the consumer Internet software development.  Stroube oversaw technology, operations and results services at Xfire, the network connection to the community of over 10 million players around the world.  Xfire, served as Vice President and General Manager of the month, the Web Stroube, the Engineering and production of the Ask Jeeves/Ask.com, the number one brand for questions on the network for more than 90 million monthly users. He worked also in IGT/WagerWorks roles management.

“Sungevity is built in a smart tag to the owners of the household who are saving money on their electric bill increasing the community” said Stroube. “By improving our encounter, add data, and the introduction of the new social media tools, we can grow this network even further, particularly as we prepare to launch officially the our services on the East Coast.”

A short video, Sungevity released announcing what Stroube, founder of Sungevity, discussions with the hiring, Danny Kennedy, in his new location, and the company’s online game, solar SFUN (www.solarsfun.com). The game allows users to earn a $ 100 home solar energy plant and a Sungevity is an easy online process “iQuote” information. The video can be viewed on the YouTube Channel: Sungevity n http://ow.ly/4CecT.

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Upsolar presentations worldwide PV module compatible with Zep

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–leading international Upsolar, solar module-vendor Showcase its solar photovoltaic (PV) Solar modules, you must have the following comprehensive Zep solutions for residential and a variety of systems for the future of the international solar industry events-compatible. The modules are compatible with the company’s Zep screen alongside its extensive collection of quality module offers:
* May 4-6 Solarexpo in Verona (Hall 7, booth # B7.1)
June 8-10 in Europe, the Intersolar in Munich (booth # A2.440)
July 12-14, the Intersolar North America in San Francisco (booth # Floor 2, 8610)

Upsolar compatible modules: Zep is produced in the framework of the Groove-Zep to facilitate faster, more cost-effective worshipped the installation process and flat roof floor applications. ZEP Solar solution eliminates the rails and the need for a separate air to the prohibition of the use of hardware offers at the same time, the structure of the partnership countries, aesthetically superior. Upsolar: Zep Solar modules to work for your hardware, so that all of the rooftop cost-effective, sustainable, and a streamlined solution for fitting PV installed configurations.

“Our partnership with Zep Solar is an example of serving Upsolar: n taipumattomasti relating to the commitment to provide customers with competitive solar custom, quality solutions, leading to a faster return on investment,” said Troy Dalbey, Managing Director and Upsolar America Inc. “Zep Solar system of innovative new technology makes the ideal complement to our high quality asset and we look forward to, in addition to the modules in the future.”

Mike Miskovsky, President, Zep solar “Zep Groove is designed to streamline the installation process and allows to spend less time on the roof at the same time to improve the system of structural and aesthetic properties,” said. “We are dedicated to leading manufacturers with module, such as PV installations, streamlining Upsolar and system access control list (ACL) on the level of the balance of the cost — taking one step closer to the industry on the grid parity.”

The careful testing and Upsolar is t, and k is its “excellence in at each phase of the” key components of the manufacturing process. PowerGuard specialty insurance services by the industry-leading warranty policy also loan powerclips. all Upsolar products. the 25-year, non-cancellable policy provides safe, while the long-term insurance to provide for the security of the world.

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Apollo solar energy 10 K 2010 about WSUS, visit the 8. April 2011

Apollo Solar energy, Inc. , a vertically integrated miner, and a high degree of purity of the refiner tellurium, tellurium (Te) is based on the compounds of the metals and other solar photovoltaic (PV) industry and a global electronic market, the producer of the materials requested to submit it to the 2010 annual report on form 10-Kpäivänä2011, April 8.

31. December 2010 ended the year, had a turnover of $9, 594,382, $7, 813,605 net sales ended on 31 December 2009, compared to a year. 31. December 2010 ended the year the company had $6, 198,432, $ 915,571 in net loss for the period ended 31 December 2009, compared to a net loss of the year. The growth of the net loss for the year 2010, the primary reason was the decrease in operating margin and the costs of the increased depreciation costs, as a matter of priority, and the increase in the fees of the representative of the administrative costs. On the basis of compensation for the stocks in 2010, was $3, the 595,196 costs. on the basis of compensation for the costs of the stocks in 2009 was $ 1, 844,233. With the exception of stock-based compensation expenses, we have incurred as a result of other General and administrative $3, the 375,996 ended 31. December 2010 to the $3, the 742,275 ended 31. December 2009 in comparison with the year of the expenses of the year, 9.79% of the invoice. This decrease was mainly due to more stringent controls on budget, our current management team.

“Although the company had a net loss for the year 2010, we believe that we have made significant progress in 2010. The company signed a long-term agreement with the First significant shipment and remain in full force and effect as the effect of Solar 2010, from 66,8% of the total sales volume of the exports in the year 2010, compared to the representative of the international markets, only 13% in 2009. In addition, we have entered the New Jersey Institute of Technology with the joint research agreement with the common objective towards developing countries, as new CdTe thin film PV technology, the “Dr. Jingong Pan, Managing Director, Apollo, the Sun,” we believe that our new marketing strategy, which focuses on three product lines (material solar panel glass)the material in the integrated signal processors, and an LED substrate have a positive impact on our future results of operations. In addition, we believe that the Chinese Government more solar energy development, the demand for our products in 2011 and beyond. “

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